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Xplode has proven results. Any trainer can make an athlete tired, but are they making you a better athlete specific to your sport? If your sport is fast, you better be training fast. Xplode concepts have been in this industry for a long time. Our trainers have researched, tested, have Publications in the Exercise Science World and they are all paying off for our committed athletes. We have trainers that have played at a high level and have worked with very Elite Athletes throughout their Professional Career. We know what works and the result of our program are proving it . We are not about get them in and get them out, like you will see at many other facilities. We focus on proper mechanics, mental preparation, nutrition, team building & all phases of Fitness and Sports Enhancement. Stop in a see for yourself or ask an athlete wearing an Xplode Sports Training shirt how Xplode helped them improve.

We’re excited as a staff to bring an Elite Hockey Camp to Chisago County. This is a great opportunity for surrounding associations to build stronger competition and to work with high level athletes ON ICE.”









"Hey! I just ran the fitness test up here and in my group that went (including a Captain) I beat the test by :30 sec. and everyone else by at least :20 sec. So thank you for the Great WORKOUTS!!!"

Xplode Sports Training focuses on improving and enhancing all areas of athletic performance including SPEED, POWER, STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY and SELF CONFIDENCE. Our program has proven results and delivers athletes that are less prone to injuries. We prepare them physically and mentally to improve their overall athletic ability and overall performance; attributes that will be implemented by the athlete throughout their entire career. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our fully certified staff will focus on proper speed mechanics and drills - building both the aerobic and anaerobic systems.

Located in North Branch, Minnesota - Xplode Sports Training has produced WINNING TEAMS and ATHLETES, and provides skill levels that include: Division I Strength and Conditioning; State Championships; National Championships; and BS/BA and Master Degree levels in the Exercise Science and Coaching Fields.

At Xplode, our athletes and their parents/coaches will tell you how much Xplode has improved their athletic performance! See someone wearing an Xplode Sports Training t-shirt? Ask them about the Program and you will hear firsthand the impact that proper training can have on an athlete. Click here to read about some Xplode Athlete Results.

XPLODE TRAINS ALL ATHLETES:  Hockey, Golf, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Basketball, Lacrosse, MMA, BMX, Snowmobile Racers, Dirt Bike Racers, Track, Gymnastics, Cross Country, Volleyball, Wrestling, 5k, 10k, Marathon, Tri/Bi, and more!!  If you want more speed, agility and power ... contact Xplode!  






Any trainer can make an Athlete tired, but not every trainer knows how to make an Athlete BETTER. Xplode has proven results. We will make you a better Athlete. Commit to Xplode and you will be one step closer to reaching your Athletic Goals. If you are SERIOUS ABOUT SUCCESS and getting to the next level of performance, Xplode can help you and your team with success and goals. We are here for you - the coaches and the athletes. Download our flyer for more information. We look forward to working with YOU!


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